Why Hong Kong? So many people asked me that. Well, the flight was cheap ($500) and I've never been before, so why the heck not? Hong Kong reminded me of home in a strange way. As a native New Yorker  who recently moved to Seattle, WA, I had been aching for that busy, fast-paced life. Hong Kong was that. It also wasn't. Illustrated by grand temples sandwiched in between large skyscrapers, powerless and plumbingless islands just a ferry ride away from the big metropolis, Hong Kong is a mix of old and new, fast and slow. Some days Hong Kong invigorated me; on others I was exhausted. 

Seven days in Hong Kong was just enough to eat incredible food, do a little karaoke, do a little shopping, drink a lot of tea and make some art. 

Photographer: Jodi-Ann Burey

Trip Duration: 7 days

Instagram: @forcoloredgirlswhotravel