Free of Charge: Conversations with a Catholic Matron

He told me that he wouldn’t stop trying.

Trying for what?

You know, trying! Plus, he keeps offering me beer as if THAT’S going to get me to sleep with him. Can you believe it! He’s married!

He wants you to be drinking the beers and your mind will be gone! No, you must tell him that this is not for sale (waves hands around her vagina).

No, not for sale. Not anything. Closed for business.

 He wants it free of charge!

For sale, for free…not happening.

Don’t worry. I will give you my son.

Your son is 14!

I will give you my son so you two can be married and you will bear 10 children! You will bring me to America to take care of your children.

10 children! By then, they’ll just fall out as I walk. No way!

If not my son then who, Free of Charge?

Not anybody.

You are going to be a nun.

Not a nun. I will just stay by myself.

Jude, why alone? You don’t get feelings in your body?

Oh my god. I’m going to my room.